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Everybody needs a little humor from time to time.
We'll try to expand this section as time permits.

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Keeping Up With What's Happening

Keeping up with what's happening in the RV world is a priority for any RV devotee as is keeping abreast of the latest tricks and techniques that will help keep a trip going in the most pleasant fashion possible. And it's always good to talk things out with others in similar circumstances - it helps to clarify perspectives and identifies alternative approaches to whatever life may bring. Sometimes it just helps to read about the experiences of others for enjoyment because you may travel that way too someday.

Tips For Getting Better Fuel Mileage

Any tips for getting better mileage during these days of fluctuating fuel prices are helpful. The three major impacts on mileage are the way you drive, the weather conditions, and the condition of your vehicle. The idea is simple - the more miles per gallon of fuel means a lower cost of enjoying yourself.

The following are a few tips that will help you save fuel. The mileage observations mentioned below were measured using a ScanGuage II on a 2005 Ford 6.8L V-10 F-53 chassis. Your results will likely vary.

Driving Habits
Weather and Road Conditions
Vehicle Condition
Weights of Fluids Carried In RVs
Water8.3 pounds/gallon
Gasoline6 pounds/gallon
Diesel fuel6.6 pounds/gallon
Propane4.5 pounds/gallon